La vida de los poetas no conocidos

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The secret garden

Mariana Robles
Ms. Santana


Who took care of Mary in India?
What happened to her father and mother?
Why did no onecare about Mary?
Who was Mary’s uncle?
Who met Mary in London?
What was the matter with Mr. Craven?
What do you call high land in Yorkshire where only rough grass grows?
When is the moor pretty?Why couldn’t Mary dress herself?
Who was Dickon?
What did Mr. Craven do with the key of the locked garden?
Where was the robin when Mary first saw it?
How did Ben Weatherstaff call the robin tohim?
When did Mary sound like a real child?
What made Mary hungry?
What happened to Mrs. Craven in the garden?
What sound did Mary hear inside the house?
How many rooms where there in the house?What did Mrs. Medlock do to Mary?
What was the nice fresh smell?
What did Mary see near the robin?
Why did she keep it?
Why hadn’t Mary seen the door before?
What work did Mary do in thegarden?
What did Mary and Martha write?
What did Dickon bring?
What secret did Dickon keep all the time?
Dickon already knew about the secret garden. Who had told him?
Mary now liked five people. Whowere they?
What did Mary ask Mr Craven for?
What was his answer?
What was Colin’s full name?
Why didn’t Colin’s father want to see him?
How did Mary send Colin to sleep?
What did the doctor fromLondon say about Colin?
How did Colin speak to Martha?
What will Dr. Craven get if Colin dies?
What was the robin doing? What did people believe about Colin’s back?
Why did Colin and Mary quarrel?What did Mary tell Colin about his back?
Who was coming to see Colin the next day?
What surprised Dr. Craven when he saw Colin?
Why didn’t Mary and Dickon want to talk about the broken tree?
Whydid Colin stand against a tree?
Who must know about the secret garden?
What was dickons mother‘s plan?
What was the result?
What happened to Colin in the secret garden?
What had happened to...