La vida en el siglo 22

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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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In the next text we read a prediction about as will be the education in a century.

we read a explication about if we will use books or eBooks, pens or electric pens, or lap tops.The teachers now will be people of meat and bond on the other hand they will be holograms.

In a century theeducation will be more different to as it is now because the boards going to be tablets digitals for interact and explain the class with movies, pictures, problems math of solution immediate.

Thestudents won’t have notebooks they will have lap tops for write and develop of different activities also the homework going to be more fast for its develop and application but so as is a good form of workalso can be a instrument for that the life change becoming a form of life more sedentary as the different knowledge will be the within easy reach.

If in the actuality we used bad the technology inthe future the internet, computers, cell phones, social nets, into others will be to my think more bad use because we not created social awareness for the use of the technology.

However, to theimage the class room without teachers or without students at least speak in class the social life for this students going to be more boring although maybe will be more intelligent because won’t havedistractions as the friends, the parties, the love that is a biggest problem in the moment that into in your life.

But if ask me in that time I like live I going to say “now, because is for me the besttime. After was simpler and in the future more technology in the medium point is perfect”


The live have a medium point and is now...