La vida en guadalajara

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When it received the Titanic’s help message in the night, Captain Rostron of the Carpathia ordered his ship to go as fast as possible. There was a lot of ice in the area. It took Captain Rostron and his crew about four (4) hours to pick up everybody. People in the lifeboats waved and shouted. Some burned letters and papers so the Carpathia could see them. The survivorswere counted: a total of 705. Later people guessed 711 or even 757 survivors. That meant that more than 1,500 of the Titanic’s passengers and crew died.

|Men: 54 lived; 119 died. |
|Women and children: 145 lived; 11 died |
|Men: 15 lived; 142 died. |
|Women and children: 104 lived; 24 died |
|Men: 69 lived; 417 died. |
|Women and children: 105 lived; 119 died|
|Men: 194 lived; 682 died. |
|Women: 20 lived; 3 died |

• Bruce Ismay, the president of the White Star Line, escaped in one of the last boats.
• Thomas Andrews,the ship’s builder, died with the ship. He never even put his lifebelt on.
• Captain Smith, didn’t survive. There was a newspaper story about him saving a small child in the water. It probably wasn’t true.
• Harold Bride lived. He even worked in the radio room as the Carpathia sailed to New York.
• Jack Phillips wasn’t lucky. He swam to a lifeboat but died of cold in thenight.
• Second Officer Charles Lightoller survived. He was the last survivor who climbed onto the Carpathia.
• Wallace Hartley and the musicians in his band went down with the ship.
• Molly Brown lived and became famous for her bravery on the night of the disaster. In 1960 there was even a musical play about her, The Unsinkable Molly Brown.
• Jack Thayer found his mother on theCarpathia. His father died on the Titanic. He later wrote a letter to Milton Long’s parents, describing their son’s last hours alive.

At first, as the Carpathia traveled back to New York, no messages were sent to the waiting world. Some papers still believing in the “unsinkable” ship, got the story completely wrong. In their news stories, the Titanic was safe and all thepassengers were alive. When the news was finally known, sadness and surprise were felt around the world. Ten thousand people were waiting when the Carpathia arrived in New York on the evening of Thursday, April 18. Through newspapers and radio, the eyes of the world were on the ship and its survivors.

Even after the terrible accident, things were very different for first-class andthird-class passengers. The survivors from first-class were taken to the best hotels in New York. But the passengers from third-class were in a new country without any money or clothes, or any of their things. Back in the North Atlantic, a ship was picking up dead bodies from the ocean. In the next six weeks, 328 bodies were found. The crew of the Mackay-Bennet didn’t know who most of them were, butthey did know the John Jacob Astor IV, possibly the richest man in the world. He was carrying a big gold ring, a gold watch, and a lot of money when he died. None of it helped him.

In Britain and the US, people were angry about the disaster. Many questions were asked.

• Why didn’t Captain Smith act on warnings about ice?
• Why did Bruce Ismay survive when his passengers died?...
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