La vida que ingenua es.

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new delhi's water supply doesn't look much better . new delhi is situated on the yamuna river , which is the main source of drinking water for the people of the city . 50 million gallons ofindustrial waste are thrown into the yamuna river every single day.
this sometimes makes the city's main water supply look more like a science experiment than a water source.
because of the terriblecondition of the river , the 14 million people in and around new delhi must get their water from community water trucks. these trucks deliver water to the towns where pepole live . Sometimes people mustwait for the water trucks to arrive , even when they are very thirsty . Sometimes there's enough water for everyone , and sometimes there isn't .
the people of new delhi need about one billion gallonsof water every day . At the moment , they are surviving on only 25 per cent of that , or 250 million gallons. The water shortage is not limited to only the poorer parts of the city, either. In thericher areas os new delhi , you'll find busy shopping centres . well-dressed shoppers , and expensive restaurants. you can also find the same community water trucks .

farther outside of the city , inthe desert of rajasthan , getting water is even harder. the temperatures frequently reach as high as 120 degrees fahrenheait . Villagers must walk for miles to get water . Then , when they finallyreach a well , they often have to drink next to their animals .Every year in India and other southern asian countries there's a season os heavy rain . this is called the monsoon season. The annual monsoonrains do bring water, but these rains only provide relief for a short time . They don't replace the amount of the water that's used every year. So the same question remains : Is there an answer toindia's water problem?

some leaders seem to think that the answer lies in a series of new dams . However, many people strongly disagree with this proposal . These people belive that India's...
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