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macaws and parrots. The Park can be reached at 325 kilometers from Panama City.
La Amistad International Park (407,000 hectares)
La Amistad National Park spans the border between Panama and CostaRica. It is a World Heritage site with enormous bio-diversity. You can spot both the harpy eagle and quetzal, and is home to three indigenous Indian groups. Access to the park is via from CerroPunta, Changuinola and Bocas del Toro, around 500 kilometers from Panama City.

Coiba Island National Park (270,125 hectares of which 216,542 are marine)
Coiba Island National Park contains a coastalecosystem with around 240 kilometer of coastline. Whale watching is particularly good here. The island is also a penal colony so access is restricted. It is the last area in Panama where you can findthe scarlet macaw. Hannibal bank offers deep sea fishing of marlin, tuna. Coiba Island is 10 hours by car and boat from Panama City.

Bastimentos Island National Park (13,226 hectares of which 11,596are marine)
Bastimentos Island National Park is located in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, and covers both land on the island and the offshore marine area. There are sandy beaches, mangroves andcoral reefs. Cayo Zapatillas in the park is a well known scuba diving spot. Marine turtles nest on Playa Larga beach from April to October. Bocas can be reached by plane from Panama City (1 hour) or byroad and ferry (14 hours)

Baru Volcano National Park (14,300 hectares)
Baru Volcano National Park is the area around and including the extinct volcano Baru Volcan, at 3475 meters above sea level, isthe highest peak in Panama, and on a clear day you can see both the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea from the top. The quetzal can be found in the cloud forests on the slopes of the volcano. You can getto the Baru National Park from the towns of Boquete and Volcan, which are 500 kilometers from Panama City.

Chagres National Park (135,000 hectares)
Chagres National Park covers the watershed...
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