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choosing the right verb
complete the text with a verb from the box in the past simple

can´t (past = couldn´t)

Gary smith yesterday celebreted his twentieth birthday, but he´s lucky to be alive. In March this year, he was climbing Ben Nevis, Britain´s highest mountain, when he (1)____________ his way and (2)______ sixteen hours in sub-zero temperatures.

´My friends (3)________ me for having so much survival equipment, but it (4)_______ my life.

On the first night, the weather was so bad that it tore his new mountain tent to pieces, so he moved into a Youth Hostel . He (5)___________ the hostel at. 10.00 the next morning, but that afternoon he was in trouble.
´I(6)________ off a rock and (7)___________ my left leg. I (8)____________ move.´
Mountain rescue teams went out to look for Gary, and (9)____________ him at 9.00 next morning. A helicopter (10)____________ him to hospital, where he (11)___________ several operations; ´Next time I´ll go with my friends, not on my ownl´ he joked.

2. Making negatives
♥ correct the sentences.
1 Shakespeare wrotestories.
Shakespeare didn´t wite stories.
He wrote plays.

2 Chiristopher columbus discovered India.

3 Beethoven came fronm France.

4 Leonardo da Vinci Livied in Mexico.

5 The Americans landed on the moon in the 19th century.

6 The Buddha came front Australia.

3. Making questions
♥ Write the questions

1 I went to the States in 19__________
When did you go to the states?

2 I went to _________ for my last holiday.

3 We stayed there for__________ weeks.
How long______________?

4 We stayed there for______ weeks.
How long _________________?

5 We had ______ weather.
Did _________________ good weather?

6 We travelled by ______________.

7 We had ______ food.
Did ____________________ good food?

4 Short answers
Answer th questions about Gary in exercise I and about you. Use short answers.

1 Did Gary get lost?
Yes, he did

2 Did he have a lot ofequipment?

3 Did he go with friends?

4 Did he hurt his hand?

5 Did you do your homework last night?

6 Did you do any sport yesterday?

7 Did it rain yesterday?

5 Past simple forms
Write the past simple of these verbs.

Work = worked
save = saved
stop g= stopped
come= came
arrive =
plan =
make =
help =
use =
travel =
feel =
wash =
like =
rob =
send =
walk =
smile =
clap =
konw =

5 Listen to this trainee chef talk about her future plans and answer the questions.

1 What ae her plans for the summer?
2 What are her plans after that?

6 A...Listen again and complete the sentences in the activite grammar box.

Active grammar

Usegoing to to talk about future plans and intentions.

+ : I ______ ____ ____________ work for him
: over the summer.
__: _______________________________________
- : I ____ _____ ____________ __________ stay
: there longer than a few months.
?: What _____ __________ _______ ______ do next?

B... Change the sentences in the Active grammar box so that they begin with you, She andThey.
See Reference pag 33

7 Correct the sentences below. There is a word missing in each sentence.
I going to be an astronaut when I grow up.
I´m going to be an astronaut when I grow up

1 They´re going visited their son in Australia in the summer.
2 What he going to do this afternoon?
3 You gointo de Sarah at the weekend?
4 We´re going to tennis on Sunday morning .
5 They...
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