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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2010
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The next week I hope to have my baby, I am a little tired and impatient; I want meet theperson will that change my life. If my child doesn’t is born, I will go to the university, I will be with my friends, we will talk aboutall things that each one did in the weekend. I think that I will learn many things; for example, I have to read a book called “el Diablocojuelo”, I didn’t have idea that this book existed, no person told me before something about this book. I wish to learn a lot of newvocabulary in the English and French class and information about other countries, too.

The Wednesday I will have a medical date, I hope allwill be fine. Actually, I want that this day I can to have my baby. I know that this moment is not easy, but I always said for me; “it’s onlya hard moment compared with all happy moments that I will to have with him…” Moreover, I will to miss a lot of class, but if he is born inthis week, it will more easy for me recuperate the class, because in the semester just begin and I don’t see many things.

Also, thenext week I will have to wake up so early, because I live very far to the university, and I have to help to my nephew and my niece to dressingand sometimes I will have to take them to their garden.

I will do many things the next week, but I don’t sure what things I will do…
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