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Frida Kahlo
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Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, Nikolas Muray Collection, Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin[1]
Birth name Magdalena Carmen Frieda[2] Kahlo y Calderón
Born July 6, 1907
Coyoacán, Mexico
Died July 13, 1954 (aged 47)
Coyoacán, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Field PaintingTraining Self–taught
Movement Surrealism
in museums:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Frida Kahlo Museum, Coyoacán section of Mexico City
Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin
Museo Dolores Olmedo, Xochimilco, Mexico City
Museo de Arte Moderno, Instituto Nacional de BellasArtes, Mexico City
Museum of Modern Art, New York City
Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Arizona
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California
and friends:
Julian Levy Gallery, New York City
Renou & Colle Gallery, Paris
Nickolas Muray
Lola Alvarez Bravo
Marcel Duchamp
André Breton
Frida Kahlo de Rivera (July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954; born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo yCalderón)[2][3] was a Mexican painter, born in Coyoacán,[4] and is perhaps best known for her self-portraits.[5]
Kahlo's life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home known as the Blue House. She gave her birth date as July 7, 1910, but her birth certificate shows July 6, 1907. Kahlo had allegedly wanted the year of her birth to coincide with the year of the beginning of the Mexican revolution so that herlife would begin with the birth of modern Mexico. At the age of six, Frida developed polio, which caused her right leg to appear much thinner than the other. It was to remain that way permanently.[6] Her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous tradition, and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.[7]
Mexican culture andAmerindian cultural tradition are important in her work, which has been sometimes characterized as Naïve art or folk art.[8] Her work has also been described as "surrealist", and in 1938 André Breton, principal initiator of the surrealist movement, described Kahlo's art as a "ribbon around a bomb".[7]
Kahlo had a volatile marriage with the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera. She suffered lifelonghealth problems, many of which derived from a traffic accident during her years as a teenager. These issues are represented in her works, many of which are self-portraits of one sort or another. Kahlo suggested, "I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."[9] She also stated, "I was born a bitch. I was born a painter."[10]
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2 Career as painter
3 Marriage
4 Later years and death
5 Posthumous recognition
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5.2 La Casa Azul
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[edit]Childhood and family

Frida Kahlo was born on July 6, 1907 in the house of her parents, known as La Casa Azul (The Blue House), in Coyoacán. At the time, Coyoacan was a small town on theoutskirts of Mexico City.
Her father, Guillermo Kahlo (1871–1941), was born Carl Wilhelm Kahlo in Pforzheim, Germany, the son of Jakob Heinrich Kahlo and Henriette Kaufmann. While Frida maintained that her father was of Hungarian–Jewish ancestry,[11] one set of researchers has established that Guillermo Kahlo's parents were not Jewish, but Lutheran Germans.[12] Carl Wilhelm Kahlo traveled to Mexicoduring 1891 at the age of nineteen years and, upon his arrival, changed his German forename, Wilhelm, to its Spanish equivalent, Guillermo.
Frida's mother, Matilde Calderón y Gonzalez, was a devout Roman Catholic of primarily Amerindian, as well as Spanish, ancestry.[13] Frida's parents were married soon after the death of Guillermo's first wife, which occurred during the birth of her second...
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