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TECNOLOGICO DE MONTERREYMathematics Department – VEMFirst Partial LabName ______________________________________ ID ______________ Date _______________ |

Requirements for your Lab:
* Do notsolve on the lab itself, use separate sheets of paper for ALL ANSWERS AND PROCEDURES (you may use recycled paper)
* Complete heading, remember to write your name, ID number and group
* Usepaper without fringes
* Staple all your procedure sheets in correct order.
* Number clearly the problem you are solving and frame, circle, highlight or underline the final answer
*Legible handwriting and well sketched graphs
* Include full procedure that is comprehensible, clean and in order
* Number clearly .
* Due date: September 7th, 2009
* No lates acceptedAny failure on following these requirements will cause penalization in your grade

1) Evaluate:
a. ; f(1)
b. ; f(x+1)

c. ; f(x+h)

d. ;

2)Find the domain:
e. b)
c) . d)

3) Sketch the graphs of the following functions, include domain, range and key points:

4) Describe (using the transformations) how to get the graph from the parent function:
h. from
i. from
j. from

5) Thegraph on your right shows f(x).
Use it as a first step to sketch the each of the following functions:

a) F(x) =f(x)-2 b) G(x) = f(x-3)
c) H(x) = -f(x) d)
e) Q(x)=f(-x) f)R(x) = 2f(x+1)

6) Sketch the following graphs using the transformations from its parent function:
a) b) c)
d) e)

7) Find the domain and range of:8) Evaluate:

a) f(-4) b) f(-1) c) f(7) d) f(-2) e) f(2)

9) Sketch the graph of the following functions:
a) b)
c) d)

10) Find the equation of the piecewise...
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