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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Lab Report from 2011-08-21

* Problem: Know the several reactions produced by the mixing of certain substances, that where make it in the laboratory.
*Hypothesis: First we identify the variables that are the amount of substances(dependent variable) and the results of with the quantity given(independent variable), in whichwhen we add more amount of substances the intensity of the result with the quantity it was more.
* Experimental Design: We first weigh the substances, and then westart to mix each of the combination that was given to us.
* Recollecting and processing data: Next we are listing the combination of the substances that we use.* Ammonium chloride+ waterThe substances didn´t mixed, and the Ammonium got solidify
* Sodiuam bicarbonate+ acetic acid Bubles came out
* Sodiumhydroxide+ phenolphthalein The color change from purple to a softer color, and started to dry.
* Starch+ water+ iodine solutionIt get a black color and with awhite base, but if we mixed it got darker.
* Analysis of the data: The coherency with the hypothesis and the results of the experiment are correct, because we couldobserve that the quantity given in each of the substances increase the intensity of the result that we could see in the experiment.
* Conclusion: Observing thedifferent reactions that the different substances made, we observe that sometime the substances will change of color, or will solidify, or also they won´t mixed together,it must depend on the substance that you are using.

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