Laboratorio clinico

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The proyect calls light book consist in a lamp who be collocated in the superior border of the books this give the easier form to obtain a bigillumination for read in any hour and any place.
Light book is principally based in be used for the students and people who like and want to readbecause we see that one problem to have a good reading is the absence of the light and this could be a conflict for the vision because it hurt it in themoment we force very much our vision.
It is recommended for all ages but we be more concentrate in the student population since primary school to high schoolof the state of Mexico who gone in the ages of six to twenty four years old proximity.
Is very practice and very comfortable because the materials besynthetic and light and easy to be replace and economic.
Light book have one sequence of objectives to be enfoqued in our goal market and it be projectsome of them; for example:
1) The access to read in the conditions of the light any wants and be present.
2) Increment of the population readersin the goal market
3) Helps to take care of the vision because it reduce the effort it do to read in dark
4) The save of the energy in homebecause light book use pile and less the squandering of the energy
5) The care of the planet with the save of the energy
6) The increase ofmobility of the reader proper that in every angle it have light
7) A big adaptation for each book
8) A big mobility proper the flexibility tubes
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