Laboratory safety and procedures

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LAB ONE: Laboratory safety and procedures, and Sources of contamination

The laboratory is a facility equipped with the necessary means forresearch, testing, work practices and scientific, technological or technical, is equipped with measuring instruments or equipment as they make experiments, research or various practices,depending on the industry the science to which they are engaged.
In laboratories where dangerous conditions might exist, safety precautions are important. Laboratory hazards are asvaried as the subjects of study in laboratories, and might include poisons; infectious agents; flammable, explosive, or radioactive materials; moving machinery; extreme temperatures; lasers,strong magnetic fields or high voltage. Rules exist to minimize the individual's risk, and safety equipment is used to protect the lab user from injury or to assist in responding to anemergency. There are many categories of hazards that might be encountered in a laboratory setting, and situations can change frequently. Even after you have identified and controlledall current risks, it is critical that you remain open to the possibility that new unexpected dangers can arise.
Most characteristic of a tissue culture laboratory is maintainingasepsis. Asepsis is the state of being free from disease-causing contaminants (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) or, preventing contact with microorganisms.
In the laboratoryone of the most important requirements is the asepsis. Good aseptic leads to successful growth of the seedlings along with the good use of culture media. The contamination in tissueculture can originate from two main sources: one carried out by microorganisms in the surface or in tissue explants, or deficiencies in the handling of operators in the laboratories.
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