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* Define the following definitions that you can find between page 3 and 56 of your text book.

1. Stopping power
The combination of characteristics that makes readers stop, noticeand read and advertisement.

2. Reading closely
You read more slowly and carefully. You also pay more attention to the details. We read closely when we need to understand as much as possible.3. Hard-sell advertising
Depends on repetition. The basis of this approach was the Unique Selling Proposition- the USP.Most of these ads did not treat consumers as intelligent people, and manyadvertisers believed that the consumer couldn’t think about more than one point at a time.

4. “Ad headlines”
It’s important to get the reader’s attention and the most powerful ads have between 1-12words.

5. Soft-sell advertising
Depends less on describing the product and more on how the product will make the consumer feel. In this approach, psychology becomes important and it is generally a moreinteresting and sophisticated approach to advertising.

6. Positioning
Shows how a product compares with other products.

7. Copy
Refers to the words in the advertisement.

8. IllustrationPictures or photographs.

9. Intellectual presentation
Uses ideas to get a consumer to buy a product or service.

10. Emotional presentation
The use of the product is often not the mostimportant sales message, the ad focuses on the buyers social, psychological or economic needs.

11. Stopping power
The combination of characteristics that makes readers stop, notice and read andadvertisement.

12. Sales message
The decision about how much copy and illustration to use.

13. Descriptive Copy
Is an essential part of advertising.

14. Headlines
It’s important to get the reader’sattention and the most powerful ads have between 1-12 words.

15. “Look for the hole”
To be able think in reverse.

16. Borrowed interest
Seems to connect the product with the photo but is...
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