Lack of patience

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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2011
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Marlisse Torres Nieves
Emylette Cruz Cabrera
INGL 3103
Essay #1
Lack of patience

In the last few years the crimes in Puerto Rico has become worst. People mistreat homosexuals just for fun, thepolice have gone wild hitting people and the number of murders have elevated in a drastic way. Nowadays the lack of patience in Puerto Rico has caused an increase in discrimination, abuse andmurders.
It’s a fact that discrimination has always existed but in the last few years due to intolerance, it has increased. People are discriminating against homosexuals because they don’t accept the factthat homosexuals think and act different from them. Many homosexuals have been bullied in our society and because of this, most of them are afraid of expressing their sexual preferences. For example,there was a case of a transsexual who was walking at the street and suddenly a group of man beat him to death. Another type of discrimination that has increased in the last few years is thediscrimination between religions. People of different religious beliefs, treat each other different and sometimes they use violence to try to prove that their beliefs are superior to others. An example ofconflicts between religions is the terrorist attacks that occur at World Trade Center in 2001. These problems with discrimination have led to the separation of society.
The stress in the economic crisisthat we have been living in Puerto Rico has had a big influence in the elevation in cases of abuse. People are getting stressed because the price of living is very high and sometimes they don’t knowwhat to do to support their families. When they get home to try to get some peace and quiet, they don’t find it and tend to turn angry and violent. This results in domestic violence betweenrelationships and even from parents to child. Another type of abuse that we have been living in Puerto Rico is police officers physically abusing society. The lack of tolerance and stress could be caused by...
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