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ASR Embedded Development Systems: The best way for developers to add speech recognition to automotive, mobile and PC applications
The ScanSoft® ASR Embedded Development System is a complete rapid programming and scalable deployment solution for adding speech recognition to hardware and software applications. Ideal for automotive, mobile and PC implementations, its suite of developer tools letsall developers create highly accurate and effective speech recognition applications, whether they are expert at automatic speech recognition (ASR) or new to the technology. Included in the system is the ASR-3200 speech recognition engine, which builds upon the popular ScanSoft ASR-1600, the reference speech SDK on Microsoft® Windows® CE for Automotive. The ASR-3200 delivers speaker-independent andcontinuous speech capabilities within an architecture that can scale to meet specific grammar and deployment platform requirements. Better still, its noise management and acoustical capabilities allow you to deliver speech recognition where and when you need it. The ASR Embedded Development System is a member of Scansoft's family of speech solutions, which meet the demanding requirements ofcustomers throughout the world — including Clarion, Microsoft, and Pioneer.

Benefits •Reduce programmer
training requirements by using a rapid development interface within a familiar Microsoft Windows environment •Add speech recognition to more applications and support a range of noise environments, operating systems and platforms using the highly accurate ScanSoft ASR-3200 speech recognition engine•Leverage high-level tools that require less time to create speech recognition interfaces and gain more time to spend on application features and capabilities •Target a global market opportunity through built-in support for accents and languages •Improve customer satisfaction through the consistent creation of highly accurate and effective speech recognition applications •Create standardized codethat reduces overall engineering costs and simplifies code maintenance tasks •Benefit from a scalable speech recognition environment that enables the re-use of code, giving you the ability to leverage development investments across multiple projects

viable method of input. Areas of specialization include: Automotive Applications – The automobile mandates a hands-free, eyes-free environment.Speech technologies enable hands-free (keyboard replaced by speech recognition) and eyes-free (screen complemented by speech output) operations. Users can access information even while driving, leaving their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. By adding speech recognition to navigation systems, mobile phones, telematic services and command and control of in-vehicle applications, drivers areable to remain connected and productive on the road while keeping their hands on the wheel. Mobile Applications – For the mobile professional, accessing information while away from the office is more critical than ever. Today's mobile applications offer users timely access to crucial business information such as business appointments, e-mails, customer records in the company database, and stockquotes. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-tospeech (TTS) technologies can run

The flexibility of the ScanSoft ASR Embedded Development System allows developers to integrate a range of speech recognition engines into multiple applications where speech recognition is a

on today's mobile devices such as PDA’s, exploiting their power and connectivity.Industrial Applications – ASR technology can integrate seamlessly and comfortably into industrial applications where the use of hands is limited. Traditional industrial situations and processes in environments such as warehouse order picking, machine repair reference lookup or diagnostic machine hands-free interface can yield unparalleled benefits, improving workflow and significantly enhancing...
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