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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Love is the greatest thing that someone wish to have especially from the someone they admire. Some said that love hurts if that love doesn't respond you. And some thinks that love
There was a groupof friends named Katie,Mary and Lizzitte. These three girls like the same boy in their class. He is Joe, an attractive and easy going boy. Joe love to play football and aside from it he is also a goodplayer. One of the girls, Lizzitte really likes him because when the first time he saw him she falls in love. And she can't stop thinking of him. Joe doesn't even know that these girls exist becausethey didn't talk even they are in the same class. But one day, Lizzitte was surprised because someone added her in MSN. At first he doesn't know who is he and then, the boy presented that he was Joe,the boy who sitted beside her in some subjects. She was so happy because she doesn't even know that this boy will add her. They talk everyday and everynight so that they will know better each other.And Lizzitte was really falling to him. So, one day she told him what she really feels but Joe didn't say nothing. She feels mad for it. Joe got a friend named Mark, they are close because they havebeen known each other since primary school. Mark and Lizzitte became good friends, and they started to tell secrets to each other but one of that was that Lizzitte likes Joe. The friend was surprisedabout it so she tried to help her but things didnd't change. That Joe doesn't teld him nothing about it. Mark begged her that she talked to him once again maybe things have changed for how many months.She asked again about it, and he said that he doesn't know because they didn't know each other and they only talked in chat. To know better each other they maybe go out for a walk or drink something.Days, weeks and months passed, but Joe haven't invited her to go out. Lizzitte feels so bad because she was very curious to know but after that, Joe told her that she needs to be happy. He told her...
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