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I. Executive summary (summarizes the plan's highlights and objectives)
II. Current marketing situation (analyzes the current situation of the company, product,market, environment, and competition)
A. Market overview
i. Market demographics and needs
ii. Market trends and target market growth
B. SWOT analysisi. Strengths
ii. Weaknesses
iii. Opportunities
iv. Threats
C. Competitive and industry analysis
D. Product overview
E.Keys to success and critical issues
III. Environmental analysis (examines environmental factors affecting the company, its products, and its marketing)
A. Macroenvironmental factors (howdemographics, economic climate, technology, legal and regulatory issues may affect the marketing plan)
B. Microenvironmental factors (how suppliers, channel members, competitors, and customersmay affect the marketing plan)
C. Competitive strategy (how the firm will compete)
IV. Marketing Strategy (discusses overall strategy and objectives)
A. Mission
B.Marketing objectives
C. Financial objectives
D. Target market(s)
E. Positioning
F. Strategy summary
V. Marketing Mix (describes major elements with specificactivities, schedules, and responsibilities for each program)
A. Product
B. Pricing
C. Promotion
D. Channel
E. Service
F. Internal marketing
VI.Marketing research (research conducted and needed to support the marketing plan)
VII. Financials (includes budget details of expected revenue, expenses, and profits from marketing programs—by month,by product, by territory, by manager, etc.)
A. Sales/revenue forecast(s)
B. Marketing expense budget(s)
C. Break-even analysis
D. Profit and loss analysis
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