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Avigail E. Alvelo
Mrs. Sample
Intro to Theatre Arts
October 1, 2009
Reflection on Monologue
1. Why did you pick this particular monologue?
I pickedthis monologue because the whole idea of fighting for love is involved. I have also had similar experiences in which I have had to explain myself to my motherand try to have her understand how I felt.
2. How do you think you did in your performance? What could have been better?
I think I did fairly well in myperformance. I had practiced a lot previous to my performance because I wasn’t sure of how to portray my character. However, after realizing who I wanted tobe I was able to devote myself to the character. I could have memorized the script better and I should have tried to practice being more “real”.
3. What wasthe most helpful piece of feedback you received?
The best advice I got was that I was going to fast because I realized it was something I could work on. Ialso thought that I had to work harder on making the monologue seem more realistic.
4. Guidepost 1: How does you character feel about the character beingaddressed/the character being talked about?
I love my mother, but she doesn’t understand me or accept why I love him and want to marry him. I am frustratedand angry with her. I want her to get why I want to marry him and understand how important it is for her to accept my decision.
5. Guidepost 2: What isyour character fighting for in this monologue?
I am fighting for acceptance and understanding. I am fighting for Mark, my fiancé and I am fighting for love.
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