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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Ale: Good morning! I’m Alejandra, reporting for CNN. Today we are at the Indian Congress where the congressmen are going to debate if they should lift protections from cows that aresacred for them, and allow the meat industry to commercialize beef. Right now, we are going to listen to the group in favor of conservation.
Clau Cort.: Good morning everyone. We want to present thereasons why we should protect cows. In first place, we have to remember that the cow is our mother, so it’s our duty to protect her. The cow represents a maternal figure in our culture and has had along-standing central role in our religion. Also, the cow has been a source of fuel, manure and fertilizer.
Clau B: Good morning everyone. I have been listening to the opinion of the conservation groupand I have something to say. Cow beef could be a very lucrative business in India. The rise in demand of the middle class in Arab could make India the first beef exporter country by 2013. Also, Ibelieve that in ten years people won’t be so alarm by the sale of cow beef.
Ale: After these expositions, we still don’t have any answer. Congressmen are taking a little break for checking their notes.As additional information, is important to know that this year India will displace the United States as the world’s third largest beef exporter, behind Brazil and Australia. Wait a moment! We havelast minute information! The debate is starting again! Let’s heard it!
Majo: In my opinion we have to analyze both points of view. Right now, the government has a policy of conservation that has thesupport of 24 Indian states. And this policy gives the option to sacrifice cows in some situations as contagious diseases and medical research. However, it’s obvious that this strict policy has forced alucrative cow beef trade underground.
Ale: Dear viewers, what we heard a moment ago is true. An estimated of 1.5 million cows, valued at up to U$ 500 million, are smuggled out of India in a year....
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