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1. Rate of change- is a ratio that describes, on average how much one quality changes with respect to a change in another quantity.
2. Slopes- the ratio of the change in they-coordinates (rise) to the change in the x-coordinates(run) as you move in the positive direction.
3. Direct variation- is described by an equation of the form y= kx, where k= 0
4.Constant variation- the equation x=kx represents a constant rate of change and k is the constant of variations.
5. Family of graphs- includes graphs and equations of graphs that have at least 1characteristic in common.
6. Parent graph- is the simplest graph in a family.
7. Slope-intercept form- an equation of the form y=mx +b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.
8.Linear extrapolation- when you use a linear equation to predict values beyond the range of the data.
9. Point-slope form- equation generated using the coordinates of a known point and theslope of the line.
10. Scatter plot- graph in which 2 sets of data are plotted as ordered pairs in a coordinate plane.
11. Line of fit- you can draw this if data point’s do not all liein a line, but are close to a line.
12. Best-fit line-the line that most closely approximates the data.
13. Linear interpolation- linear equations to predict values that are inside therange of the data.
14. Regression equation- one type of equation of best-fit you can find.

15. Linear correlation coefficient- measures the strength and direction of linear associationbetween two quantitative variables X and Y.
16. Median-fit line- second type of best-fit, its calculated using the medians of the coordinates of the data points.
17. Parallel lines- linesthat have the same plane that do not intersect, they have the same slope.
18. Perpendicular lines- lines that intercept at right angles, there is a relationship between them and slopes.
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