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  • Publicado : 25 de junio de 2010
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Christmas Bear Plates
by Bonnye Isenhower

Copyright 2009 Bonnye Isenhower and Crafts Americana Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Christmas Bear Plates
By Bonnye IsenhowerPalette:

Deco Art Americana Acrylics Antique Rose #13156 Black Green #13157 Burnt Umber #13064 Cadmium Red #13015 Hauser Light Green #13131 Leaf Green #13051 Light Mocha #13241 Square Plates –Set of 3 #60071

Milk Chocolate #13174 Payne’s Grey #13167 Rookwood Red #13097 Titanium (Snow) White #13001 Toffee #13059 Winter Blue #13190

Surface: Misc. Supplies: Brushes:

#2 Pencil Art GumEraser Gray Graphite Paper #70141 Fine Grit Sandpaper Micron Pigma Pen – Black, size .005 Papillon by the Artist’s Club Script Liner, size 10/0, #20137 Angular Shader, size ½” #20111 Shader, size 8,#20129; size 10 #20130 Glaze Wash, size 1” #20103 Blending Set #20168 Old scruffy round or flat brush for fur

These plates come primed, so there is no real preparation except maybe avery light sanding.

Painting Instructions:
Base the front of the plates with two light coats of Winter Blue, sanding between coats. Transfer the bear patterns. Shade around the bears by floatingPayne’s Grey. To get the mottled effect on the background, I “wash and blend” with Payne’s Grey, which is done by using a ½” flat brush and very thin paint to wash on. Then, immediately blend it outonto the background with the blending brush so that there are no straight or definite edges. Continue doing this especially on the flat part of the plate and a little onto the surfaces where thelettering and leaves will be. Bears: Season of Love plate: Left bear is based with thin Toffee. Add lighter fur using your old brush with Light Mocha. Shade with Milk Chocolate. Also shade inside the padwwith Milk Chocolate. All bears noses and eyes are Burnt Umber with a Titanium (Snow) White highlight dot. The right bear is based with thin Milk Chocolate. Use your old brush to add lighter fur with...
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