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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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Objectives: 1) To classify, discriminate, and articulate the three pronunciations of the –ed
ending in regular verbs.

Directions: Listen to the recording and circle the pronunciation of the –ed ending of the
regular verbs in ITALICS.

Sunday turned into a very long day. My mother wascoming back from a vacation so I
1 [ t , d , Id ]

went to the airport to pick her up. Unfortunately her flight was delayed for a couple hours so I
2 [ t , d , Id ]

hung around the airport. I went to the bookshop and shopped around for a while, and I flicked3 [ t , d , Id ] 4 [ t , d , Id ]

through some magazines and bought a paper to read while I waited. She finally arrived
5 [t , d , Id] 6 [ t , d , Id ]

around 5 o'clock and wanted to go straighthome because she was so tired. So we jumped in the
7 [ t , d , Id ] 8 [ t , d , Id ]

car and I dropped her off at her place and headed to my apartment in Boston, but when I tried
9 [ t , d , Id ] 10 [ t , d , Id ]11 [ t , d , Id ]

to find my house keys, they weren't in my pocket; and then I realized that I had left them at the
12 [ t , d , Id ]

airport bookshop when I was paying for my paper. So I had to go all the way back to the

airport, but luckily someone had handed in my keys and Iwas able to collect them and head
13 [ t , d , Id ]

back home; but it was a very, very long day.

University of Puerto Rico in Ponce
Dean of Academic Affairs

English Department1st Sem. Academic Year
English 3113 2009-2010

Directions: With a partner, take turns reading the sentences below. Make sure you emphasize the pronunciation of the-ed ending of the regular verbs in the simple past.

In these sentences the –ed ending is pronounced voiceless (t)

voiceless (t) Sentences
|Simple Present |ask |Every day I ask questions. |
|Simple Past |asked|Yesterday I asked a question. |
| | | |
|Simple Present |bake |She bakes a cake every week. |
|Simple Past |baked |She baked a cakelast night. |
| | | |
|Simple Present |cook |I cook dinner every night. |
|Simple Past |cooked |I cooked dinner last night....
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