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In Lima society youth of the popular sectors, are an important part. They are produced in poor urban areas where different youth groups, amongwhich are the gangs, a high profile in public opinion for his violent actions highlighted by the media. It is believed that at least one third of the population are attacks by youth gangs and theperception of the Lima they are responsible for most of the vandalism occurred in the city. The State's response resulted in the adoption in 1999 of the Anti-Gang perniscious. In this article, from aqualitative approach, analyzing a series of factors related to the existence of such groups and their cultural practices. A definition of terms related to their dynamic and a description of theorganizational structure of gangs. The piece also, through testimonies by gang members, the constituent elements of the social identity of their social identity. It also describes factors related to thecompletion of the gang life.

Gang Types
The neighborhood: clusters are active in their neighborhood its members are dedicated exclusively to the warrior with his gang surrounding area or neighborhood tofeel superior.

The wild bar: appearing in the classic U and alliance or different computers to these people join gangs all cones of our capital has to identify with one team colors encouraging.School spots: These are groups formed by students from major colleges faced occasionally in the main streets of his district.

Female Gangs .- The presence of women in the gang is increasinglyevident, both within the gang as the spaces and events in which they act. Your participation is multifaceted: "war" with the boys; aid to the wounded in the fighting as a "rescue" or act as "informers" totake and bring the message threats, challenges or ridicule opposing group; warn of possible attacks or sent to a diverted. "

Causes of gangs:

Chief among these is the...
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