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BookMarkManager 2.1 Shareware Version
Author: Edgar M. Hofer

With this tool you can convert yourMS-IEXPLORER-FAVORITES to NS-NAVIGATOR-BOOKMARKS


There is no extra setup, copy the files from the zip to any place you want andsimply start the exe-file or make links of your choice. If you miss a fine setup-code (making icons - where YOU will move it away - and so on...), remember:You saved very much time for not downloading my setup-stuff

Release Notes - Version 2.1:
Some Bugfix for correct reading of „bookmark.htm“-File.(Special Characters like Slash or Backslash will be converted to: ! )

Converting-Special Options
a) Generate new Subfolder
If you choose this, thedestination will NOT be overwritten. Instead the hole source will be inserted in the destination as a new branch.

b) MERGE both together
This willUPDATE BOTH (NS-Navigator and MS-IExplorer) with the unique links of each other. After choosing this function, you will have the same, merged URLs in your Bookmarksand in your Favorites.

Please look in „register.doc". Please use Albert’s Ambry Online-Registration-Service via the Internet. You can use theunregistered Software only 10 times before it is disabled!


Copyright-Notice:The hole ZIP-File can be published free and without any notification via BBS, Online-Services, Internet, CD-Producer, Book-Applets or what- and however you want!
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