Las aventuras de tom sawyer en ingles

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One day Polly, Tom's aunt called and did not find it anywhere until you went into the garden and behind it to state, but Tom before you are given a beating he escaped by tricking her aunt.
At dinner time Aunt prompted dial had gone to the pool then Sydney's stepbrother Tom betrays him by telling the truth to Aunt, to discuss among them Tom runs away to return no more as they awaited him goodbeating. He walked down the street and bump into a guy who was well dressed but Tom challenged him saying that he tumbaria with one hand, and clung upon the daffodil, Tom won the seat over and take a few punches.
The next day was Saturday Aunt Polly told him to paint the fence around the entire garden, then Tom did and found the gardener with whom he made a deal that Tom will have water andoutfielder named Jim , continued to paint and a white marble top. Upon returning outfielder Tom continued his work and followed him until he appeared his friend Ben that he started pulling on his face that he was badly painted and Tom let him give a coat of paint. For the return of Aunt Polly could not believe that Tom meets a task well cast. Tom asked his permission to go out and win all the s aunt lethim go. He crossed the fence in front of attorney Jeff Thatcher and saw the beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes, he waited until evening to see your image behind the windows, he thought it was going to get something good but what we got was a bucket cold water and did not resist the rage he began to throw stones at the windows before he left and slipped away to her aunt's house to changeclothes.

The following day he met his friend Huck with which he stopped to talk while on his way to school, to get the teacher asked why he should backwardness and Tom replied that he had stopped to talk with Huck and his punishment got to sit with the girls, but in that group was this blondgirl with blue eyes and became good friends and that Tom was taught to draw.
That night Huck went to Tom's house and told him to escape and did so, went to the cemetery to bury the cat but within this was Joe, the Indian and Muff Potter, the drunkard. With them was Dr. Robinson, were digging up freshly buried corpse and when they did Joe and Potter asked for more money, but the young doctorrefused and then grabbed her by punching, Robinson was knocked unconscious while Joe Potter to kill the Dr. Potter's knife. Potter then got up and found his bloodstained knife and told Joe to say nothing as he can do and so it happened, but the scene is the body disinterred, the body of Dr. Robinson and Potter's bloody knife.
Tom and Huck fled with his nimble legs.
The next day was already knownthroughout the town and the officer stopped the Indian Joe I am speechless to questions from the sheriff while Potter told him at the scene of crime was his knife but he denied it.
The memory of the murder Dr. Robinson did not allow them to sleep in Tom and his friend were so many times that he was tormented and decided to leave the town because they felt guilty.2

Tom left his home and meets his friend Harper and ask him where he went and said he was going to pirate and Harper joined him, also when Huck.
A night out on a raft down the river where there was a small island.
Tom took the name Black Avenger, Huck's Red Hand and the Terror of the Seas Harper. Upon reachingthe island early eating and enjoying it but woke at dawn they were lonely as the company of three was not enough, after a while you hear a roar and all were mute but seeing the banks was a ship they were searching for a drowned as Bill Turner, Tom realized that the drowned who were looking for was them, the family is seeking and Seeing his tribe asleep Tom decided to go into town, went to Aunt...
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