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The humpback whale: o Humpback (Megaptera novaengliae) whale is a mammal that is widely distributed across the planet. The measures are usually males between 15-16 m and females ranging from 16 -17 m. In terms of their weight are about 4 tonnes.

But the most characteristic of these animals, apart from his incredible intelligence, is his mouth. It is known that depending onthe specimen may grow to 4 m. and is the weapon with which these animals get their food.
The technique of hunting of these whales is, you have found the choice of fish, moving up from the depths of creating a circular curtain of bubbles to catch it scary and questioning the prisoners who see no place or escape route. Then begin a vertical ascent through the center of this spiral to bubble, withthe aforementioned huge mouth, catching as many fish and large quantities of water. This excess water will be eliminated by a filtering system, gobbling only fish caught as food.

According to Professor Tim Leighton, of the Research Institute of Sound and Vibration, University of Southampton (UK) fish remain corralled within the network of bubbles because whales emit sounds that arescary. Only the noise emission is diminished within the circle of bubbles as these lessen it, preventing their passage through them.

It follows from the idea, not tested, the future use of bubbles as possible nozzles for screening and subsequent adherence to certain harmful particles in our body. So, thanks to its acquisition of these harmful molecules (as might be cancerous), they can beremoved by the emission of ultrasound.

So far nothing in science is clear and are mere hypotheses. What it does is clear is the intelligence of these animals and how, once again, we can learn and improve because of them.


The killer whale (Orcinus orca) is a marine mammal of the order of cetaceans, the largest of the oceanic dolphin family, known as Delphinidae. Found in oceansworldwide, from the frigid Arctic regions to warm tropical seas, corresponding to the second most widely distributed mammal on Earth (after humans). The animal is extremely versatile, being a predator that feeds on fish, turtles, birds, seals, sharks and even other whales, has no natural enemies.
There are three types of orcas in Antarctica:
•TYPE A: They live in open water and feed almostexclusively on southern minke whales.

•TYPE B: These are smaller than those of Type A and feed on seals. They have a yellowish color.

•TYPE C: These are smaller and the orcas that live in larger groups. Only they have been seen feeding on the Antarctic toothfish. They have a yellowish color.

Orcas Type B and C live only in the ice area closed, and the yellowing of both species is due to thepresence of diatoms in Antarctic waters.


The killer whale is a predator. An orca average adult consumes about 227 kg of food daily, but sometimes consume up to 500 kg.
Orcas prey on a wide range of species. However, each town specializes in a specific prey. For example, some groups in Norway and Greenland specialize in fish for herring and follow them to the Norwegian fjords on itsmigration. Other populations of orcas in the same area of seals feed only.

An orca hunting porpoises.

The composition of the diet in different groups of orcas varies by region. In Antarctica, the orcas' diet consists of 67% fish, 27% of mammals and birds, and 6% calamares.20 The Bering Strait consumed 65% fish, 20% and 15% squid mammals and birds.

Usually only the transient orcas eatmammals, however, it is known that some resident orcas kill porpoises without any apparent reason.

The resident orcas and sea prey on 30 species of fish. Among the main fish consumed by killer whales are salmon, herring and tuna, by the residents, and the basking shark, whale shark, white tip sharks, hammerheads, white sharks and many species of blankets
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