Las batallas en el decierto

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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Good afternoon, my team is going to talk about the five best songs ever.

I think music is always present in our lives because it’s a way to express our feelings, it can make us feel happy andto smile but in other situations it can make us feel sad and even to cry.

Our team made a selection of five songs which we consider the best ones for us. These melodies are “Imagine”, “A dayin the life”, “Dust in the wind”, Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Stair to heaven”.

As a part of our project we made an interview to a young music teacher at the Conservatory of Mexico city. His name isBenjamin Torres and he has studied in this institution for five years, he specially plays the transverse flute and he gives private classes to people who wants learning to play that instrument.Benjamin Torres told us that he remembers from his childhood that he once listened to Bethoven’s Third Simphony and that this melody caused a great impression to him so he desired since then to bean important musician and to have the goal of that one day he’d be able to belong to a wonderful orchestra.

We asked to the music teacher to give us his opinion about the five songs we chose asthe best songs ever and he was agree with us but he said that it’s difficult to make a selection, because people’s musical taste is very diverse and he added that most of the times the popularity ofthe songs is the most used factor to select the best music.

On the other hand, talking about the songs which are the best for us, I’m going to make some comments about “Imagine”, a song which waswritten by John Lennon, one of the most important composers, musicians and singers ever. As you know he was a member of The Beatles great band and they had a wonderful career.

John Lennon wrotein 1978, “Imagine” song, which is a hiymn to peace and brotherhood and I think it’s an invitation to avoid selfishness and to remember that all of we are human beings who need to be respected and...
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