Las bolsas

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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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A bag is an instrument whose main function is to transport a small number of frequently used objects such as wallets, purses, keys, or similar documents, tools of feminine beauty (makeup,lipstick, etc.), Combs, cigarettes, etc. You can have different shapes and sizes and also can be manufactured with a plurality of materials (eg leather, plastic or cloth), these factors depend to a largeextent on existing trends in one place.

It is unknown exactly from where the bags because there have not been preserved historical references that reflect truthfully the date of its creation.However, we can say that in prehistoric times were used similar instruments. It follows from some cave paintings found in which drawings of female figures seen carrying bags like objects. It is believedthe man may have developed nomadic bag to transport the hunting or collecting food while traveling, using for it the skin of animals consumed.

Since then, the bag became an important element ineveryday life by their usefulness.

The saddlebags are closely related to the bags because those are the ancestors of these. The saddlebags are different in that cloth sacks were short, wide and squarewere used to transport ceramic, food and heavy objects.

Kinds of bags
Bandolier (Improper Use): Bag that includes a strip of fabric (or other) from one end to another and takes the body hanging ona cross, from the tape chest and back from one shoulder to opposite hip.Handbag: This is most common. It refers to that has handles and is used routinely to carry objects of daily use.Travel Bag,Travel Bag or Purse: large bag used for travel. Allows you to carry shirts, pants, shoes.Carriel: Men Leather Bag Colombian paisa in the region since the days of colonization.Portfolio (Spain): Made inleather or fabric, used by schoolchildren to carry books and the like. Purse: Bag of small dimensions whose purpose is to keep coins (image: coins made with a Bufo marinus).Backpack: Bolsa round high...
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