Las buena vida

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Science in History

Erick Alfonso Carbajal Dominguez

5to. “D”

Science in History:
From the Abacus to the Modern Computer
Computer today: Questions

Answer the following questions aboutmodern-day computers:

1. Computers using transistors were faster, more reliable – any of these than vacuum tube computers.

2. Early supercomputers…………… .
a. Stored data on disk
b.Had no operation system
c. User binary codes
d. Had no memory yet

3. What disadvantaged of the transistor did the integrated circuit eliminate?
but there was one drawback: they createdheat, wich tended to damage the heat-sensitive components

4. Which of these could not have been used by someone in the 1970s?
a. A spreadsheet
b. A computer game
c. A web-paged. A word processor

5. The first personal computer (PCs) appeared in……………
a. 1989
b. 1981
c. 1958
d. 1947
6. Name at least one of the first manufacturers to supply the marketwith user-friendly computers:
IBM, Apple

7. Name at least three advantages computer networks crated:
sharing software, memory space and information

Science in History:
From the Abacus tothe Modern Computer
Early Computers: Questions

Answer the following questions about the first computer:

1. What number system was used by the first computer?
a. Decimal system
b.Duodecimal system
c. Binary system
d. Metric system

2. Name one advantaged and one disadvantaged of vacuum tubes:
Vacuum tubes were faster than mechanical switches used before, but used
upa lot of space so vacuum tube computers were huge.

3. ………….. was the first all-electronic computer.
a. The EDVAC
b. Zuse´s calculator
c. The ENIAC
d. The ABC

4. The ENIACwas the first programmable computer. How as the programming performed?
The ENIAC could be programmed by wiring its parts together in a certain

5. Which of these computers were not...
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