Las cruces

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  • Publicado : 30 de junio de 2010
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Las Cruces Biological Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden:

Parts of the Paradise

Costa Rica is seen and promoted in the world as a green destination, because of its greatecological richness. Currently, the ecological tourism is one of the most important sources of currencies in the country. The South part of Costa Rica has a lot of tourist attractions such as NationalParks, beautiful beaches, and biological reserves. In the southwestern area, it is possible to find two awesome places Las Cruces Biological Station and the Wilson Botanical Garden.

Las CrucesBiological Station is one of the most interesting places in the South region, because its location and incredible biodiversity. It is part of the La Amistad Biosphere Reserve and it is located at 1200 mabove sea level in Coto Brus. It is just 300 km by road from the capital San José. There is an incredible diversity of animals, like birds, mammals and bats; also, some kinds of reptiles, amphibiansand an impressive diversity of insects, in particular butterflies. Las Cruces protects over 200 hectares of primary forest. As a final point, because of these characteristics, the Cruces BiologicalStation is a great place for scientists.

The Wilson Botanical Garden is known by its facilities and beautiful garden. It is part of Las Cruces Biological Station. It has good amenities likedelicious meals, comfortable private sleeping quarters, which are like cabins and they have all the basic services. Also, there is the Wilson House which is for students. There are several excellentwalks, and you can see different kinds of plants from other countries. You can enjoy a guided walk through the gardens, or throughout the primary forest. The Wilson botanical Garden would be an excellentplace to visit if you want to enjoy the nature and learn about it.

These two tourist places are extractive not only for Costa Ricans but also for tourists around the world. People go to Las...
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