Las instituciones eclesiasticas en la nueva españa

Research Project #1

las instituciones eclesiasticas en la nueva españa

History of Mexico

Research Project #1

The eclesiastic institutions in the New Spain

1.- Research and explain thebackground of the humanist contrarreformist churches (phylosopies) in the catholic church and how they effected in the New Spain.
In the New Spain the catholic church was divided in to two sections:The humanist Catholic church and the Contrareformist church. The humanist Church was defenders of the indigenous people and their lands while the contrareformist church was only worried about takingaway the lands of the indigenous people and exploiting them. The humanist church was conformed by the Franciscanos, Dominicos, Augustinos. While the contrareformist contributed in the inquisition byhelping exterminating the protestants.

2.- Please research the background and the fundamental precepts of the inquisition and how it manifiested in the New Spain.

The catholic church had beenestimated enemies of God and her enemies to the christians that in the faith opposed in what the church believed and said, the heretics. In past times the heresy was considered as a crime, that must bepunished. A met in Verona in 1185 allowed the bishops to take legal action to the heresy suspects and if they were found guilty, they would give them to the civil authority and the authority wouldimpose a punishment that could be the absolute death. This institution was called the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Iquisition. This institution was allowed to find out in secret, the conduct andbeliefs of any person that was suspicious.
The base of the Spanish Iquisition legislation was in the era of the first Grand inquisitor Fray Tomas the Torquesada. He convocate a met to estrablish theinstructions that must be followed in the process of the judgement of the ejecution of the veredict. There assisted members of the four courts of Spain. To extend the Holy Office to american lands...
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