Las islas malvinas: acontecimientos recientes en la disputa entre argentina y el reino unido

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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Paper Due: The Falkland Islands

THESIS: The decision of the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, to recover the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands has created a big impact and tension in bilateral relations and geopolitical concerns between Great Britain and Argentina.
The Falkland Islands take place in the South Pacific Ocean, in the Argentinean Sea, at a minimum distance of 341kilometers from the Patagonia. These islands are controlled and administrate by Great Britain since 1833, when they took them by force and war, in a colonizing position. Argentina lost the sovereignty of the islands 180 years ago, and they are still trying to recover them. Bilateral conditions between these two countries were always weak, but in the past months, by the declarations of the presidentof Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, have created tension, doubts and problems. She said that British occupiers are illegal and the territory is from Argentina by right. She has complained it in the ONU, creating various opinions of different leaders around the world. She also said colonialism must be punished and left behind and that she will fight to recover what it belong to them.
Talking aboutthe history of the Falkland Islands, I am going to analyze what the war between these two countries left, its geopolitical positions and the benefits or disadvantages that it gave. Going back to 1982, the war started April 2 and end 14 of June, it left lots of death and destruction. Argentina lost 649 men and Great Britain 258. Finally, Great Britain took control over the islands. But despite thewar activities, I am going to analyze the political and strategy points it generate. The Falkland Islands are rich in fishery, oil extraction and plenty of natural resources. Economically was a good place to invest and have a lot of benefits. Great Britain was very interested because of economic benefits. But strategy points were more important although. Colonized the islands, the British have twostrategic advantages that I think are very important.
First, the possession of territories adjacent to Antarctica can grant rights on this continent in future negotiations. Second, control of the archipelago provides a strategic position for British because they can control maritime traffic and airspace.
I have no doubts that Great Britain has lots of interest by going into a dispute for theseislands, the benefits and strategy conditions guaranty economic and social developing, as well as international power.
Argentina now is trying to have their islands back. Their president, Cristina Fernandez, declare that she will do everything to recover the sovereignty of the archipelago. They claimed that this territory belong to them. She said in the Committee of the UN Decolonization, thatcolonialism must be left behind; she thanked several countries decisions that support her ideas and criticized that UK has been ignoring the numerous resolutions of the United Nations. She said: “A serious error is the persistent behavior of the UK ignoring multiple United Nations resolutions, and dangerously weaken the agency and its mandates to resolve, peacefully, conflicts between nations.
Butthe more remarkable words she said in the discussion were: “We will take what it belongs to us, we will still fighting”, declared the president. The problem between Argentina and UK seems to have no end, the interest from the British to extract natural resources and continue with their strategic point. By the other hand the people of Argentina to retake what they lost created this internationalconflict, creating alliances and disputes.
An example of that “alliances” I mentioned occurred this year, curiously in our country. Peru denied the permission of the British frigate HMS Montrose to the port of Callao. Obeying UNASUR agreement, the government decided to cancel the visit of an armed ship from Great Britain, causing tense relations and bad opinions from the Europe country. They...
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