Las mil y una noches

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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo

Preparatoria nº 2

Inglés V

Portafolio de Evidencias

Profesora: Marcela Camacho

Alumna: Alma Orquídea Orozco Islas

Grupo: 512

MexicoOur country has been living many changes along the time. Today, the Mexico I know, it’s inside of the narcotraphic and all the Mexicans can’t live in a fully security or freedom ambient.
Now, thisyear is the Bicentennial of the Independence Day and the Centenary of the Mexican Revolution, but I guess, what are we celebrating? Our people are poorer than this time or more. That is what we arecelebrating?

Mexico, also, has been losing its own culture, and the value of the people who live in my country.

And doesn’t matter, the president who have been governing, if the Mexicans can’tchange their mind, and obligate the govern to make right his work, Mexico will never progressed.

The inequality in Mexico is very visible. The politics’ salary is very high, in contrast, Mexico havemany people dying because they have nothing to eat and to drink.

I think everything would be solved with justice, equality, and intelligence, but the young doesn’t like the school, this show thedisinteresting of their future, and day-to-day, we see children in the streets, pregnant girls, and more tragedies, and this not happen in first world countries.

Alma: How R U?Tania: I’m Ok, thnx, what about U?
Alma: I’m fine, thank U, what have U been doing recently?
Tania: I have been working?Alma: Really? What do U do?
Tania: I’m a nanny, so I take care of my little cousin, he’s only 8 months old.
Alma: wow, and exactly, what kind of thingsdo U do?
Tania: I change the dippers, I give his food, and I swing the baby.
Alma: Great! Is that a tired job?
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