Las perras malas

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Assignments for week August 27 - 31
Binder: Get your binder ready including the material for the course according to the next instructions. 4 separators /tabs each one with the corresponding name: Notes, Materials, Assignments, Laboratory. About 15 sheets of paper in the notes section. Place the guidelines documentat the beginning of the binder BEFORE the notes section.


Book: Cover with transparent plastic including a tag indicating your name and group.Assignment # 2: Verb to be / grammar summary Transcript the information from the following link about “simple present tense with be: positive, negative, question andwh question form”, highlight the verb to be with a different color in the examples. / Due to class 3 week 27- 31.

Assignment # 3: Verb to be / grammar practice. 1) Get into the next link and 2) answer the exercises on line and then 3) check your answersthere. 4) Then transcript the answered exercises on sheets of paper. / Due to class 3 week 27-31. Same characteristics as in the previous assignment.

Assignment # 4: Job application Fill in “ ARBY’S job application”, Print it and then fill in it withyour real information, in English style. Invent the info when necessary. (due to class 2, week 27-31)

** Special assignment: Watch the video and practice thespelling of the letters of the alphabet. You will be asked to spell different words including your full name.

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