Las preposiciones

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Ingles I Tema: Las preposiciones

1) He's good at playing football
2) You can't live without drinking water
3) Thank youfor lending me the money
4) Besides, ¿are there any other sports you play? playing golf
5) She insisted on paying the bill
6) After two years I succeeded in swimming
7) I have nointention of changing my job
8) Craig was a teacher after being a farmer
9)  I played tennis before having a shower
10)  In spite of being expensive, we bought the flat
11) At 10 o'clockI´m sleeping
12) On Monday is my birthday
13) In January I will buy a car
14) Finish your report before Sunday.
15) She studied in the university for 5 years.
16) Since 1992 Iworked in this company
17) I´m In my room
18) The concert is in Barcelona
19) Turn on the left
20) My chair is at the bed 

Republica Bolivariana De Venezuela
Ministerio DelPoder Popular Para la Educación Universitaria
Instituto Universitario Politécnico Santiago Mariño
Extensión Maturín
Escuela de Ingeniería de Mantenimiento Mecánico

Ingles ITema: Las preposiciones

Integrante: Alvaro Landaeta C.I: 23530003 sección: F nocturno

1) Now I´m at home
2) She is from Germany.3) We go to the beach.
4) He arrived at School
5) Come into my house.
6) To get on a bicycle
7) To go by bus
8) To get out of the taxi
9) lets go in my car
10) Thechildren left their books on the table.
11) Bill was eating with his elbows upon the table.
12) We spent a few days in Paris last year.
13) My parents are at work.
14) The children wereplaying inside the house.
15) The dog sleeps outside the house.
16) We were flying above the clouds.
17) he has an apartment below mine.
18) I saw a spider crawl up the wall.
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