Las profesiones en la antiguedad

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1.3 Offices, corporations and universities: the formation of professions
Occupations during the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is a periodization of European history, encompassing the period fromthe 5th century to the 15th century. Comprises a specific lifestyle: the feudal system.
It has been commonly divided in two periods: early and late middle ages. The first one comprises the centuriesafter the fall of the Roman Empire y contain principal characteristics that gives the name to this period.
Civilization gradually returns to the field, bringing with it the ruralization of life.Politic-administrative unit of the empire faded away in little domain lands or fiefs, on dominated the authority of Mr. landlord or owner of the land. The other people that do not own any land had to workthe land, so we were obliged to pay rent to the owner and serve.
Occupations during the Middle Ages did not have a great develop life that from the agricultural economy and political isolation, thedivision of labor did not require many specializations.
The only administrative continuity within Europe, it was the church. The ecclesiastical hierarchy comprises the series includes a number ofdivisions for the purpose. The clergy were the social group that maintains the cultural life of the Middle Ages and it can be said that it was their basic function. in the political life of the MiddleAges the religious corporation acted like a feudal lord, with all the features and benefits they had, as were the possession of land. the work of the servants and the payment of feudal dues. As lordsis difficult to think that medieval clerics could play a profession as professionals trying to serve their customers, but as lords, nobles and aristocrats cannot have a sense of service, except it isintended to serve God or the king.
The second part of the Middle Ages known as the late Middle Ages, is a time of transformation beyond the foundations of organized society with the principles of...
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