Las redes sociales.

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The social networks.

Facebook is a social networking website created by Mark Zuckerberg.

Originally a site for students of HarvardUniversity, but now is open to anyone with an email account. Users can participate in one or more social networks in relation to their academic status, place of workor geographical region.
YouTube is a website where users can upload and share videos. It was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005.4 InOctober 2006 it was acquired by Google Inc. in exchange for1,650 million dollars, and now operates as one of its subsidiaries. It is very popular thanks to thepossibility of hosting personal videos easily. Hosts a variety of movie clips, TV shows and music videos


Twitter is a microblogging, based in SanFrancisco with branches in San Antonio (Texas) and Boston (Massachusetts) United States. Twitter, Inc. was originally created in California, but is under thejurisdiction of Delaware.

Since Jack Dorsey created it in March 2006and launched it in July of that year, the network has gained popularity worldwide and isestimated to have over 200 million users.
The network can send plain text messages, low size.

Windows Live Hotmail, formerly MSN Hotmail, better knownas Hotmail, is a free email service based on site operated by Microsoft and part of the Windows Live group. It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Waslaunched in July 1996

¿Why people use social networks?

use them for entertainment options and being in communication with friends, making new friends.
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