Latin american conflicts

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Latin American Conflicts
Throughout history, Mankind has been affected directly or indirectly by wars and armed conflicts, such issue has become a social phenomenon in the continent. Latin Americais a region where all country members have comparable characteristics and history, a population with the same cultural traits such as religion: language, and frame of mind. In the political area,Democracy has almost always been the Ruling Government System. In Social and Cultural affairs, the region faces a major threat as it regards to both: individual and collective security. Moreover, theArmed Forces seemed to have changed their foreign policies and focused their mission on National Sovereign Conservation issues, Integrity and the Autonomy of the State Defense, as well as collaboratingwith Social and Economic Development in each country.
Although these are things that the previously mentioned countries have in common, they share a similar understanding, in terms of security anddefense, which no longer appear to be in existence there. The differences between these two concepts seem to be the main problem for Latin-American integration, as, this really depends on how thesecountries define those issues towards their own ideological interests and their vision of State threats.
The States require exceptional security conditions, both on internal and external basis. This goalcan only be achieved by means of properly trained Armed Forces, and high-quality equipment.
Nowadays, the conflicts which show a high interest for the region are:
1. The Venezuela-Colombiaconflict. The origin of this conflict comes from the dispute of the dividing- water boundary of the Venezuelan Gulf, due to the resources and the incoming and outgoing control at Maracaibo Lake. Also,there’s also the conflict between Colombia and Nicaragua over the San Andrés archipelago.
2. Ecuador-Colombia, the implementation of the ever controversial Plan Colombia faces an internal conflict...
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