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Simply Suspense
Her first thought was: 'I must not scream . . .'

Three stories ...
In a far country, a man must open one of two doors. One door
will bring him love. The other door will kill him.
In a French hotel, a woman goes into her room. But it is not her
room. And someone is with her.
In London, a man stays the night in a waxworks. The killers,
the people with knives, are notreal. So why is he afraid?
Three stories, four doors. Be careful when you open them ...
Frank Stockton was born in Philadelphia, USA, in 1834 and died in
1902. He was a very good story-teller all his life and had many
friends. He wrote a lot of books and short stories, but The Lady or
the Tiger was his most famous story. People in America talked about
it for years!
Stacey Aumonier (1887-1928)was an English writer. His most
famous story was The Friends, about two drinkers. He was ill for a
long time before he died, quite young, at forty-one.
Alfred Burrage (1889-1956) lived from his short stories. He wrote
the first when he was sixteen and then hundreds more. His readers
loved them. Readers in America liked The Waxwork very much, so
he turned it into a play for television in 1951.He died in 1956.

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Simply Suspense
The Lady or the Tiger?

Miss Bracegirdle's Night of Fear

The Waxwork
Level 2
Retold byJ.Y.K.Kerr Series Editors:Andy Hopkins and
Jocelyn Potter

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The Lady or The Tiger was first published in 1884, 'Miss Bracegirdle's Night of Fear1
was first published as Miss Bracegirdle Dots Her Duty and Other Stones in 1923 and
'The Waxwork' was first published as Someonein the Room in 1931
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This edition first published 1998
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The Lady or the Tiger?
Many, many years ago there was a king in a far country. He
was famous, he wasstrong and he was very clever. But in his
country he had many wrongdoers. The King was unhappy
about this but how can you stop people from doing wrong?
It is not easy. He thought about this difficult question for a
long time but he could not find the answer.
Suddenly, one day, he had a good idea. He spoke to his
people and told them to build a big stadium in the centre of
the city.
'It must bevery big and very beautiful,' he told them.
So the people worked hard for many months.
One day, the building was finished. The stadium was
ready. Inside it, there were places for five thousand people.
Everyone was very excited about this beautiful new building.
Some wanted to watch games in the stadium. Others wanted
to have dancing and singing. But what did the King want?
No one knew....
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