Law and morality

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Law and morality

At first there seems to be no distinction between law and morality. For example, in ancient Greece, writers thought that the good person is the one who will do what is fair everytime. However, in modern society are legal professionals who determine what is right and wrong. We try to make, for instance, a distinction between what is legally or conventionally right and what isnaturally (or as we would say today morally) right.
I think that most of us would agree that law and morality are not necessarily the same thing, we can all think of examples of unfair laws, probablyin our own countries a simple example is surely the speed limit above referred to novice drivers who can’t exceed the speed of 80 miles per hour even on motorways and highways; I found it verydangerous.
On the other hand, the existence of laws that serve to defend basic values such as laws against murder, rape, malicious defamation of character, fraud, bribery, etc, prove that both can worktogether, but often morality passes judgment on a person's intentions and character, it has a different scope than the law which ignores these type of things which I think I found important to determinea crime.
Those that believe in natural law feel that there is a higher morality and that human law should conform to it. Law can also be a public expression of morality which codifies in a publicway the basic principles of conduct which a society accepts. In that way it can guide the educators of the next generation by giving them a clear outline of the values society wants taught to itschildren.
The complex relationship between law and morality can be seen in regards to sexual morality; in the 1950s, homosexuality was a crime, and many back then would have agreed that it was a crime"beyond human tolerance", however homosexuality has been increasingly decriminalized. For example, the 2003 Sexual Offences Acts decriminalizes non-consensual acts such as incest and rape, but doesn't...
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