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In the dictionary laziness is described as unwilling to work or to do any other activity despite having the ability to do so. In the Bible it is one of the seven deadly sins. One man has said thatlaziness leads ahead all the humanity. Everybody describes laziness as a fault. Related terms for a person seen to be lazy include couch potato, slacker and bludger.
Laziness is animals; includinghumans is an essential part of living. Laziness helps to ensure survival by preventing overwork. When an antelope is being chases by a lion on the African savannah, and the lion fives up to chase aneasier target, the antelope must stop running at some point or suffer complete exhaustion. This is an example of a survival instinct to overpower this at times of danger, but when there is no dangerlaziness keeps the antelope form wearing itself out.
This is also valid for humans. Otherwise they would end up hurting themselves. The body sends a message that it is tired or that it hurts in orderto let the body know it needs rest.
There is another kind of laziness that is not present in animals but in humans. The extreme type of laziness is not useful in the natural world. Probably the mostlethal form of self-sabotage is this type of laziness. Once we put things off and procrastinate, our responsibilities only pile up until it becomes overwhelming, creating oven more stress.
In moderntimes, technology has only helped us being less productive. Time saving devices has contributed to the obesity problem in wealthier countries as people no longer need to do the work themselvesbecause there’s a machine that does the things for them.
The only way to overcome laziness is to do something about it.
1. Rest sleep and exercise: In some cases, laziness is due to being tired andlacking energy
2. Think about the benefits and consequences
3. Motivation: think about the importance of achieving your goal. Tell yourself:
"I can accomplish my goal."
"I have the energy...
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