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Le Ménagier De Paris (often abbreviated as Le Menagier) is a French medieval guidebook from 1393 on a woman's proper behavior in marriage and running a household. It includes sexual advice,recipes,[1] and gardening tips. Written in the (fictional) voice of an elderly husband addressing his younger wife, the text offers a rare insight into late medieval ideas of gender,[2] household, andmarriage. Important for its language[3][4] and for its combination of prose and poetry, the book's central theme is wifely obedience.[5][6]

The book was made available in English translation in itsentirety only in 2009, published by Cornell UP; until that publication, the most complete translation in English was Eileen Power's 1928 The Goodman of Paris.[7] Since earlier translations and editions havefocused mainly on the recipes, the book is often incorrectly referred to as a medieval cookbook or an "advice and household hints book,"[8] and mined for the history of medieval cuisine.

FormatThebook contains three main sections: how to attain the love of God and husband; how to "increase the prosperity of the household"; and how to amuse, socialize, and make conversation. Like many medievaltexts, the argument relies heavily on exempla and authoritative texts to make its point;[9] included are selections from and references to such tales and characters as Griselda[10] and the tale ofMelibee (known in English from Chaucer's "The Clerk's Prologue and Tale" and "The Tale of Melibee"), Lucretia, and Susanna.[11]

[edit] Culinary adviceThe second section of the book, article five,contains the cookbook. Like most of the original resources on medieval cuisine (that is to say, books and manuscripts actually written in the medieval period), its many recipes include information oningredients and preparation methods, but are short on quantifying anything; most ingredients are given without specifying amounts, and most cooking methods are listed, without specifying amount of heat...
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