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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Paper title: Leadership
Organization: SSI, NCOA
Name: SFC Angel E. Febus
MOS & Class: 42A SLC
Class Number: 003-12
SGL: Ms. Winfrey

The purpose of this essay is to defineleadership in my own words based on my experience and my expectations. I will discuss what leadership it’s all about and what it takes to be an outstanding leader. Also I will point out differentperspectives of leadership in relation to my own personal experiences, goals and the Army’s definition of leadership.

I remember when I first started the Senior Leader Course. We had abriefing about what can we expect from the course. I was promoted to Sergeant First Class only two months prior so I was curious about how this course would benefit me. As a Sergeant First Class, I wasnow responsible for the professional development of 7 Soldiers. I had to provide leadership and guidance to a group of individual from many different backgrounds. The school invited all the students toa presentation at the auditorium of the Soldier Support Institute. All the senior leadership was talking about why leadership was important to the U.S. Army. They briefly talked about what asuccessful leader looked like. Finally, they talked about how to become a successful leader. I wanted to know how they were selected as Sergeant Majors and First Sergeants. What leadership background orexperience did they have? SGM Robinson told us that a college degree and challenging positions will be a stepping stone to someday advance in ranks as they did. The Army wants Soldiers who understand whatit takes to lead others to success. I found the presentation to be very interesting.
This Leadership course combined with the two leadership courses that I completed in the Army was instrumental in mysuccess with Soldiers. The course is also preparing me for my next assignment as the Senior Human Resource in 1-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), Fort Bragg, North Carolina. While assigned...
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