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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Article Review
Leadership That Gets Results by David Goleman--------------------------------------------
Organizational Leadership and Communication

The approach in this article is really interesting! On the whole it is about managing people and situations in the right way on the righttime; but better yet, if one feels lost and have no idea on how to do such a titanic endeavor, don’t worry, one can learn to lead!
To become a leader one should have some traits, So it is said there isnot a kind of a recipe written over stone that can´t adapt to new trends. Due to its subjectivity, it is hard to find the right method to accurately measure the effectiveness of leaders.
Recentstudies found out that there are 6 different styles of leadership. This is based on components of emotional intelligence. Professional, emotional and personal performances are directly linked to thefinancial incentive.
But it is necessary to understand what Emotional Intelligence is and, this is a conscious realization of reactions one has toward others´, it can be individually or in groups, thisallows to identify and to control the impact (positive or negative) that one has directly in work performance.
The six types of leadership are:
Coercive, Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic,Pacesetting and Coaching.
Now, each one of these styles had some particular traits easy to underline for example, a democratic leader will show authentic interest for his team and will consider thembefore making changes and/or taking decisions. This style has a positive impact overall and it works better when the leader look for good quality feedback; an Authoritative leader will get people tomove following a main ideal, paradoxically to the title, this kind of leader will have a consolidated positive impact on his followers, this due to the condition as this leadership approach is better...
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