Lean on me

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1. Name and describe (in detail) five characters of the movie.

• Joe Clark : is the former principal of Eastside High School in Paterson
• Sam : drug user, student of the school,Clark helped him through the change
• K’nisha : pregnant teenager, friend of Clark and student of the school
• Mayor Don Bottman : with the ambition of the elections, he wants to change the school
•Leonna Barrett : one parent whose son was expelled from Eastside by Clark, she aligns herself with the mayor in an effort to oust Clark

2. What is the opening setting of the movie ? ( place, time,mood)

• Time : 1967
• Place : Eastside High School in Paterson, New Jersey
• Mood : Happy, Calm, Tension, Disagreement

3. Why did Joe Clark leave the school in 1967 ?

• Joe Clark leave theschool because the School Board & the Union decided to tranfer him to the school 6, just because the needed money to pay the bills and the teachers.

4. How did the school atmosphere change in 20years ? Explain how it was when Joe Clark was a teacher and explain how it was when he returned to the school.

• When Joe Clark was a teacher the school was great, almost perfect. The students wereinterested in learning new things, the were happy, calm, they show respect to the teachers. It was a pleasant place, the school was always clean and in perfect conditions.
When Joe Clark returned20 years later, the school was a complete disaster. The school was a mess, all the walls were painted with graffiti and the lockers were broken. Some students were drug users and sellers. They didn’tshow respect for the teachers or for themselves. The students were violent and disrespectful.

5. Why did Joe Clark return to Eastside High School ?

• He returned to the school because theyneeded someone to take control of the students, someone who can take the test’s scores up and someone strong enough to change the students attitude.

6. Where was he working before returning to the...
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