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Un-break My Heart lyrics By Toni Braxton
Don't leave me in all this pain/place Don't leave me out in the rain/train Come back and bring back my smile/style Come and take thesetears/fears away I need your arms to hold me now The nights are so unkind Bring back those nights/tights when I held you beside me 1-Un-break my heart Say you'll ________________ Un-do this hurt ___________When you walked ________________ And walked outta my life/light Un-cry these tears/fears I cried/tried so many nights/lights Un-break my heart, my heart Take back that sad word _____________ Bring backthe joy to my life/lies Don't leave me here with these tears/fears Come and kiss/kick this pain away I can't forget the day you left Time/tide is so unkind And life is so cruel without you here besideme (repeat 1) Oh, oh Don't leave me in all this pain/pace Don't leave me out in the rain/race Bring back the nights when I held you beside me (Rpt 1) Un-break my Un-break my heart, oh baby/may beCome back and say you love me Un-break my heart Sweet darlin' Without you I just can't go on Can't go on


Listen to the song and fill in the missing words. 2. Choose the correct words from thewords in bold.

Vocabulary building skills Prefixes: these are words added in front of roots words to modify or change their meanings example :( pref.) Un- + (root wd) Happy = unhappy meaning – nothappy What root words in the song, have the prefix un- in front of them? What does un- mean? Find un- words in your dictionary that have a connection with not? Example: Unhappy, uncommon, • What othernegating prefixes do you know and what do they mean? - Do you know about mis- prefixes? As in mis- + understanding? =misunderstanding. How many mis- + root words can you find in your dictionary? Howmany words have a connection with the meaning wrong, bad, not correct? For example misunderstand does not mean “not understand” but it means “understand wrongly or not correctly” Prefix tasks
1. Look...
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