Learn to value: ethic knowledge

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Learn to value: Ethic knowledge

Nature as a standard of conduct
The basis of ethics does not come from the authority, or the socially accepted values, or personal preferences.
Human nature:Contemplating, Knowing it is how it is understood the way we have to behave.
The human being rational and being able to control his instincts instead of acting like animals knows that we do not haveto follow violence.

Traditions & Community

We learn to value ethically from the community experience and traditions in which we live. As human beings are social animals, the society in which oneis born conveys knowledge of nature. We learn to value seeing ethically socially accepted behavior patterns.
as one matures, it is rational to assume the obligation to those with knowledge andevaluation criteria, comparing with natural reality
The skill of ethical judgments: prudence

Ethics teaches to judge whether an action is right or wrong, natural or unnatural, good or bad. Ethicalevaluation of an act requires knowledge twofold: first, knowing human nature as an act of conduct, on the other hand you need to apply the law to the case.

There are five acts that contribute to aproper ethical evaluation

a) The memory of the experience:
compare with other similar case

b) Advice to those recognized as wise:
advice is something like going to the experience of others. Itis therefore particularly appreciated the advice of the elders, for they have much experience.

c) Having circumspection:
namely to consider the various aspects of a decision, which is required tostand back, have a certain coldness, not to get involved because of the dilemmas to the point of losing objectivity.

d) Speed:
ethical life requires not only calm and circumspection, also needspeed.

e) Knowledge of inclinations:
The person who knows that what is not right. improve it is to not make the same mistake.

Prudence is virtuous habit that leads us to correctly judge the...
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