Learning styles

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Learning with Style
January 3, 2005
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Brain Dominance
The triune brain:
Reptilian brain - responsible for survival [flight or fight], monitoring motor functions [breathing, balance and instincts], territoriality, hierarchies androte behaviour. This part of the brain is the oldest in evolutionary terms and is programmed for survival. Under stress, the reptilian brain dominates. A student under stress or anxiety will not learn anything.
Limbic brain - the middle brain controlling emotions, maintenance functions, and is the site for long term memory. This part of the brain runs our emotions, immune system, sleeping, andgoverns our sexuality. It routes information to where it is processed in the neo-cortex. The limbic brain validates new knowledge. Emotions are more important to the brain than cognitive understanding. The limbic area holds all three parts of the brain in balance, and links long-term memory with emotion.
Neocortex - divided into two separate halves - the left and right hemispheres. The twohemispheres are joined by the corpus-callosum. The neo-cortex is the most recently evolved. It is the part of the brain used in problem solving, discerning relationships and patterns of meaning. It is said that humans never really cognitively learn or understand something - until they can create a personal metaphor or model.
Two ways of knowing:
|Left Brain |Right Brain |
|intellect|intuition |
|convergent |divergent |
|digital |analogic |
|secondary |primary |
|abstract |concrete |
|directed |free |
|propositional |imaginative |
|analytic |relational |
|lineal |nonlineal |
|rational|intuitive |
|sequential |multiple |
|analytic |holistic |
|objective |subjective |
|successive |simultaneous |

Another way of looking at it: 
|Left Brain |Right Brain |
|reasoning |mystical |
|logical |musical|
|mathematical |creative |
|verbal |visual-pictorial |
|dominates right brain |submissive to the left brain |
|pattern user |pattern seeker |

 Ned Herman has done some very sophisticated work analyzing brain function and learning, drawing andcognition. His model looks like this: 

Learning and thinking process is enhanced when both side of the brain participate in a balanced manner. So, strengthen your less dominate hemisphere of the brain.
For further Information:
(triune brain theory)
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(application to dyslexic students)
(Integrates brain theory and learning styles)http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0684847930/002-4846904-1231227?v=glance
(book review of Right-Brained Children in a Left-brained World Unlocking the potential of your ADD Child)
Theories of Intelligence

What Exactly is Intelligence?
• Psychometric/Statistical Approach
• Information Processing Approach
• Piagetian Approach
• Sternberg's Triarchic Approach
• Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Approach
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