Learning a new languaje

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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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To learn a new language is hard. Reading, Writing, and Communication in my
native language it’s easy, but English it’s really hard for me.
I don’t like to read, noteven in Spanish that is my native language. Sometimes, If
I start reading that grabs my attention, I don’t mind to spend a couple of hours reading
it. But if I read a book or just a piece of paperthat is boring for me, I just begin putting
excuses and not to read what I was reading. I say, I have to go to clean my room or I’m
going to shop things I need to. In that way on.
Writing canbe excited when I feel like writing. The only thing it’s when I’m writing
in English I get frustrated because I have to be thinking in Spanish and then translate it
into English. To translatetakes me a lot of time because there are sometimes that I
don’t know how to translate English what I want to write. So, that’s why I rather prefer
to write in Spanish.
Well, communication it’s notthe exception. English conversation is the hardest
part of the language. When people are speaking, I understand most of what they are
talking about. The hardest part for me is to speak. Iunderstand when I’m reading or
people are speaking, but to speak “There is no way”. To speak is what I hate the most. I
know how to say what I want to say. But, when people are looking at me, I getnervous
and organize my thoughts become a challenge for me. So, that’s why I prefer to speak
in Spanish than in English.
I’ve been here almost for two years. I remember when I went to school for thefirst time. I was afraid because I couldn’t speak, read, not even write any word in
English. When my memory goes back to the past I can see me walk in the classroom,
with my hands sweating alot. Nobody was there yet. I felt more comfortable, when the
time passed by people were talking in English, but to my surprise there were speaking
in Spanish.
When I heard people speaking...
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