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  • Publicado : 4 de mayo de 2011
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Claudio Diaz
Event in which I have learned a lesson
Living in a foreign country has taught me how to look at things from a different perspective. The culture here is very different and the majority of people in it are from different backgrounds as well. That makes the way of solving problems, interacting and communicating with society unique. Byeveryone being unique and having their own ways of doing things here, I try to be as most open minded as I could be when it comes to ideas and solutions. I take the best parts out of everyone, learn them, and later on, start using them on actual situations.
Becoming an open minded person has given me more opportunities in life and has also opened many doors with new beginnings in phases of my lifein terms of jobs, relationships, and all sorts of other chances that I have been granted. By being open minded, I have learned how to manage things differently and gives me a way to find different solutions to problems without feeling less than people whom suggest me better solutions to problems I have to deal with.
Also, I have become more independent by coming to the United States because Ihave noticed how people my age do lots of more things by themselves than what I was used to back home, like driving, having a job and don’t depend on parents as much.
By moving from Chile to the United States, I have seen and learned about many different cultures and that has given me more knowledge on how to act between different types of families or just people as in general.
One of the otherthings I had to learn when living as a foreigner is the language. Learning a new language has opened the doors for me to a whole new world full of opportunities to take, like jobs, communicating better with people and having more confidence about myself.
In my personal life back when I was home and about 12 years old, I remember myself being like everyone else and not taking the good things out ofpeople just for the simple fact that I didn’t gain a major interest in learning about them since I already knew most of the people. We were all from the same background and culture and had almost the same ways of doing things. I was lacking interest in my own society.
There was a time where life was not more than just a boring routine for me and I wanted to see some changes soon. I wanted peopleto act differently and on their very own way. I was just tired of seeing people acting the same as everyone just because they didn’t want to feel left out or wanted to be a part of a group.
The United States of America was very different in that aspect. When my parents decided to move here, I didn’t agree with them at all. I was afraid that I was going to miss my relatives, my friends, my city,etcetera. Pretty much everything that I was used to do, I knew it was going to be very different. I kind of liked it, but at the same time I didn’t because of my young age.
Once I got here, I could observe how so many different people lived in this country from different ethnicities; doing their very own thing and speaking different languages. That caught my attention immediately and it seemed likeI could not get enough from noticing it every single day.
Another thing that I was curious about was the religion in America. I noticed how most people in this country go to church during some day in the week, believe in something, or are part of some kind of religion. Most of the friends I made when I first came to the U.S. admitted that religion played a very important role in their lives.Back home most kids my age barely knew anything about god or religion. We would rather be playing soccer outside in the street than being at church during that time. It’s a big cultural difference if I actually think about it.
In America, Celebrations are also very different from what I’m used to back home. Here people have celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter,...
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